Epson TM-U220

High Cost-Performance Printers

Outstanding Value Dot Matrix POS Printer

Epson TM-U220

Key Benefits

  • High Cost-Performance Printers

  • The TM-U220 – The New Industrywide Standard in Printing

  • Outstanding Compatibility

  • Higher Printing Speed

Why the Epson TM-U220?

Outstanding Compatibility

  • The TM-U220 printers are designed to be compatible with existing systems built around a TM-U210. These systems can be upgraded simply by dropping in a TM-U220. Moreover, since the external dimensions are nearly identical, there is no need to change the installation environment. The transition to the new model is as smooth as can be.

Easy Operation

  • Free busy operators from troublesome roll paper and ribbon cassette replacement. The TM-U220 makes these chores a snap. Simply pop the cover, drop in the paper or ribbon, shut the cover. You’re back in business.

Higher Printing Speed

  • A full 30% faster than its predecessors, the TM-U220 printers provide high-efficiency throughput. Retailers can hand receipts to customers faster. Restaurant kitchens can receive orders quickly.

Superior Versatility

  • The versatile TM-U220 suits a wide range of needs and applications. Each type is powerful, yet compact enough to fit in confined spaces. The wall-mountable Type B frees up valuable counter space in kitchens and other tight locations. Moreover, both Type B and Type D handle your choice of 58, 69, or 76 mm width roll paper.

Environmentally Conscious

  • This product meets Epson ecology label compliance standards and has following major features:

    • Low energy consumption (25 % lower during operation, 60 % lower during standby than TM-U210).

    • Reduced labor for disassemby by reducing the number of parts.

    • No use of chemical substances prohibited to be included in products for parts, materials and packing materials.

    • Uses high quality plain paper, since it is easier for recycling than thermal paper. Three selectable paper widths avoid wasting paper.

Data Buffer

Receive buffer 4k bytes or 40 bytes,NV bit image 128k bytes,User NV memory 8k bytes

Paper Dimensions

Type A 76mm x 83mm diameter

Inked Ribbon

ERC-38 (B) (B/R)

Paper Thickness

0.05 – 0.08mm,max total thickness 0.14mm

Print Speed

4.7 _ 6 lps

Model Versions

Model B only


RS232 / RS485 / Parallel / USB /

Copy Capability

Original + 1 copy

Print Fonts

Font 9 x 9 / 7 x 9

Characters Set

95 Alphanumeric,37 International,128 x 12 graphic tables

Power Consumption

Universal internally mounted mean 31w

Power Requirements

24 VDC


160 W x 286 D x 158 Hmm

Ribbons and Accessories for
Epson TM-U220

  • RIBBON CASSETTE ERC-38(B)(C43S015374)

  • RIBBON CASSETTE ERC-38(B/R)(C43S015376)

  • RIBBON CASSETTE ERC-38(B) – 10 in 1(C43S015377)

  • RIBBON CASSETTE ERC-38(B/R) – 10 in 1(C43S015379)


  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Interface Card (UB-E02) C32C824151

  • RS-232 Serial Interface Card (UB-S01) C32C823361

  • RS-232 Serial Interface Card With DM-D Port (UB-S09) C32C823861

  • IEEE1284 Parallel Interface Card (UB-P02II) C32C823891

  • USB Interface Card (UB-U03II) C32C824131

  • USB Interface Card With DM-D Port (UB-U02III) C32C824121

  • USB Interface Card With Hub And DM-D Port (UB-U01III) C32C824111

  • Universal Power Adapter (PS-180) C32C825341 Universal Power Adapter (PS-180)

  • Wall Hanging Bracket (WH-10) C32C845030 Wall Hanging Bracket (WH-10)



  • allen  On Oktober 10, 2010 at 4:02 am

    dimana? bisa dapetin drivernya

  • Trisno Kuswantoro  On November 13, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Pak sedia interface card untuk printer port serial Epson TM-U220 B? Harganya?

    • MICROTECH  On November 19, 2010 at 2:46 pm

      Kami sedia interface card untuk RFID Smart Card satu paket dengan Writer and Readernya.
      Harganya RFID Smart Card satu paket = 2,5 juta.
      Dan harga Proximity card = Rp 10.000,-/buah minimal order 100 buah.

      Apabila ada yang perlu ditanyakan dapat langsung menghubungi kami :

      Jl. Banyar No. 21 Tegal, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
      HP. 0819-115-48084
      Weblog :
      Email :

    • ardian naftali  On Januari 6, 2012 at 3:09 am

      Pertanyaan sama seperti pak Trisno Kuswantoro, harga interface serial/paralel untuk TM-U220 Series…

      • MICROTECH  On Juli 1, 2012 at 4:31 am

        maaf Pak. kami hanya menjual Ticket Printer untuk Pompa Dispenser SPBU.Untuk spare part Printer TM-U220 yang kami cantumkan pada website tidak kami sediakan, hanya sebagai informasi tambahan.


        Info lebih lanjut hubungi :
        Jl. Banyar No. 21 Tegal Jateng 52111
        Contact Person : 0819-115-48084

  • iqbal noor  On Juni 21, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    cara mengeset pin jikalau lupa,
    masalah saya adalah saat mau set harga. pilihan opsi untuk set harga tidak muncul.

    please contact di email

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